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At sea for weeks on end, the crew of Vessel 87 can’t avoid each other—or themselves.

A short form shadow puppet web series set on a container ship.

New episodes released weekly, beginning 9.18.19

Watch from the beginning here:

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Welcome aboard vessel 87


Vessel 87 is a short form web series created by Nick Weiss-Richmond and Hondo Weiss-Richmond. They are brothers.


The writing, directing, visuals, and puppetry are by Nick and Hondo. Our theme song is by Michael Simonelli. All other composition by Joanne Harris.

Cast (in order of appearance):

valgard — Jörundur ragnarsson

Samantha — kim rosen

conrad — tim o’connor

ricky — andrés eyzaguirre bravo

Francine — Sarah Stiles

Jonah — Preston Sadleir

yvette — gabrielle beans

shipping container.jpeg


episode 1 - ‘A Lot more help’

episode 2 - ‘Mr. Wire’

episode 3 - ‘Boat Talk’

Content Warning: Episode 3 contains profanity and discusses sexual activity in a manner that may be upsetting to some viewers.

episode 4 - ‘Wait till you drink it’

Episode 5 - ‘A Rotten Crew’


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